Desert Portraits at Vasquez Rocks

Desert Portraits with Samantha at Vasquez Rocks

A small step away from the city to the vast Californian desert landscape.

Stanley Wu Photography | Los Angeles Portrait & Wedding Photographer



A little reflection on 2017

This past year has been quite the adventure, having recently immersed myself into full-time portrait and wedding photography. I am extremely grateful to all my clients who have put their faith in me and am happy to have created beautiful and timeless memories for them and their loved ones! I am very much looking forward to how 2018 will play out. One big challenge I have encountered this past year is wanting pushing out fresh content from many of the sessions and projects that I’ve done, while on the other hand, needing to constantly shoot, edit, and be my own secretary. It’s quite a challenge to wear 20 hats at the same time, and it requires a great deal of planning and discipline. But as always, the greater the challenge, the more room there is for growth. I’m excited to continue growing personally and improving the experience that I provide to others 🙂

Vasquez Rocks

Just to start off the year with some fresh content, here’s a portrait session from some location scouting I did at Vasquez Rocks. Although I’m not a huge fan of the usual landscapes that the city of Los Angeles itself has to offer, I’m glad that there still exists pockets of beautiful landscapes within short driving distance from the city. Vasquez Rocks is one such pocket. These rocks are a series of dramatic land formations that impose upon the sky to create an iconic and picturesque scene. Though I have been a few times, this was my first time shooting there (unless you count the one of my car, pictured below). All I can say is that I’m in love with the beautiful mix of vibrant natural light and epic landscapes to create a perfect backdrop for a portrait or engagement session. No doubt I will be keeping this location in mind for future sessions.

Model: Samantha Shen

And here is my car shot from the previous time.




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