Lawrence – UCLA Fashion Graduation Portraits

Epic fashion graduation portrait at UCLA

Stanley Wu Photography | Los Angeles Portrait & Wedding Photographer



Just finished with an epic graduation portrait session with Lawrence! I’m going to call this a fashion shoot just because Lawrence enjoys modeling on the side, and he did a fantastic job with that theme as our focus during the session. Not only did he go all the way back to San Francisco to get the best haircut of his life (quoted directly), but he also got his entire outfit fitted and prepped just for this session – no creases, nothing! That’s dedication 🙂 We had a fantastic talk about entrepreneurship – pushing forward with doing what you love in a world that makes it seem like it’s easiest to simply go with what’s already established. In light of that thought, he’s starting up his own clothing company, check it out at!

Congrats again, Lawrence!



All images © Stanley Wu Photography | Portrait & Wedding Photographer | Los Angeles, California

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