Romantic Proposal at Huntington Library & Gardens

Romantic Proposal at Huntington Library & Gardens

Stanley Wu Photography | Los Angeles

One of the most beautiful landmarks here in Los Angeles is the Huntington Library, Art Museum & Botanical Gardens – yet such a place remains one of the city's hidden gems. It's not as instantly recognizable to out-of-towners compared to the Hollywood sign or Rodeo Drive, yet it's not uncommon for many LA natives to spend a relaxing day off walking through these wonderfully scenic pathways of the Gardens.

The Huntington Library & Gardens also makes for a picturesque location to propose! From the Chinese and Japanese gardens to tropical and desert gardens to classical European architecture, this location has it all. Jason took this wonderful opportunity to propose to his partner Keziah - with his detailed planning and perfect choice of location, everything turned out beautifully! Afterwards, we took a tour and photowalk around the world, experiencing different environments - all in one place.

The Huntington Gardens remains one of my favorite locations to both visit and photograph - the diversity of locations and level of detail each section provides is unparalleled, at least here in Southern California!

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