Romantic Engagement in Los Angeles

Romantic Engagement in Los Angeles

Stanley Wu Photography | Los Angeles

One of the unique things about Los Angeles is simply the number of beautiful locations to photograph. Whether you're looking for modern or classical architecture, beautiful nature or urban cityscapes, Southern California has it all. J took this wonderful opportunity to propose to his partner K - with his detailed planning and perfect choice of location, everything turned out beautifully!

As an engagement and proposal photographer, I often work quite closely with my clients to ensure that their proposal runs smoothly without a hitch. I also offer proposal setup services to provide a beautiful setting for your big moment to pair with the picturesque locations we'll be in!

Note: I have removed this specific location from this article's title, as it is no longer available as a proposal spot. However, I'll include a PSA below since this article previously featured it.

Looking to do a proposal at the Huntington Library & Gardens in San Marino? Unfortunately, they no longer allow proposals there – the reason is that they've had a significant increase in daily guest count overall in recent years and it's difficult to offer proposals in those conditions. After all, that's something that would negatively impact both the guest experience, as proposals can take up a lot of space and block pathways, and your experience, as proposing in a location with so many onlookers won't feel quite as private.

Still wanting to do a shoot at the Huntington? Consider an engagement session, elopement, or pre-wedding portrait session after your proposal instead! While they no longer offer proposals, they still offer their standard 3-hour time blocks dedicated for your portraits that you can reserve for $1200 - it can be expensive, but it includes a guide who will be present with us throughout, along with the San Marino city photo permit fee included in the cost. You'll also have full access to their beautiful portfolio of architecture and curated Japanese and Chinese gardens for the backgrounds of your special moments - after all, for a once-in-a-lifetime moment, the Huntington Library & Gardens can be quite the special place.

If you're looking for a similar location to the Huntington Library & Gardens with a less expensive permit fee, I can recommend the LA Arboretum, which is located nearby in the city of Arcadia. While they lack the unique architecture that the Huntington has, they have a similar arrangement of beautiful botanic gardens around the property. The LA Arboretum permit fee is a very affordable $75. If you live closer to the coastal side of Los Angeles, I would recommend the South Coast Botanic Garden instead, which is located in Palos Verdes Estates. The South Coast Botanic Garden permit fee is $50.

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