Modern, Bright & Airy Corporate Leadership Team Headshots

Consistency is a core part of branding, and good branding is essential to successful marketing.

For this particular photo shoot, I was approached by WeWork Corporation to take professional headshots for their Southern California leadership team branch. WeWork is a global company that provides coworking spaces to small businesses, solopreneurs, and start-ups. Their brand centers around friendly hospitality – bright, warm, and welcoming.

In order to keep these images in line with their brand and core values, we planned to go for a modern, bright, and airy look. Everybody wore casual yet stylish clothing that shows off each person's uniqueness – all in a way that is consistent with WeWork's overall brand. To top it off, we reserved the rooftop lounge at the Lido House in Newport Beach, a decision that complemented the overall look of the shoot with its light-blue-themed tiling and warm decor.

All of these elements came together to create this set of compelling, consistent, and high-quality headshots for the team.

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