Elegant Graduation Portrait at Royce Hall, UCLA
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Elegant Graduation Portrait at Royce Hall, UCLA

Natural elegance is one of the characteristics I try to photograph in all my clients. This image is one of the earliest defining examples of my current style of elegant graduation portraiture. There are many parts to creating an elegant portrait. Choosing the correct outfit can help show off your sleek side; in this case, the flowing dress worked very well to accentuate the elegant look that we were going for.

This image was also taken in front of Royce Hall, a magnificent architectural structure at UCLA, and during sunset. Both factors complement and bring out the graduate's natural elegance.

As a graduation portrait photographer, I strive to help clients pose in fashionable and flattering ways. Even if clients aren't familiar with how to pose in front of the camera, that is something I always help with.

Location: University of California, Los Angeles.

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