High Fashion Graduation Portraits at Cal Poly Pomona
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High Fashion Graduation Portraits at Cal Poly Pomona

Color-coordinated outfits that match school colors are one of my favorite things to photograph. My client brought her beautiful green dress and yellow shoes to pair with her school colors at Cal Poly Pomona. This created a stunning and cohesive look to the whole session that created a strong, high-fashion style.

We also matched her green and yellow outfit colors with the background using the bamboo trees and foliage offered by the greenery on campus, which helped create this elegant graduation portrait.

As a graduation portrait photographer, I often suggest to my clients to color coordinate and match their outfits with the environment, helping us create beautiful images such as this one.

This image was taken in the Japanese Garden at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona.

Location: Cal Poly Pomona.

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