Bonelli Park San Dimas Engagement Session

As a wedding and engagement photographer, every shoot holds a unique story of love, but some locations and moments stand out for their sheer beauty and emotion. Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing an engagement session at the Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas, CA.

Late afternoon sunlight bathed the park in a golden hue, setting the perfect backdrop for this magical shoot. The couple and I embarked on a picturesque journey around the lakeside, where the tranquil waterfront views and lush greenery provided an idyllic setting for intimate moments.

One of the highlights was our visit to the pier and its surroundings. In just a few moments, I captured some candid and spontaneous shots that perfectly encapsulated the couple's joy, playfulness, and deep affection for each other. The pier's serene ambiance added a touch of magic to the photos, making them truly special.

Venturing further, we ascended the mountain trails to discover breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the main lake. The majestic San Gabriel Mountains formed a stunning backdrop, accentuating the couple's love against nature's grandeur. Those shots turned out to be pure magic!

As the day drew to a close, we took advantage of the dreamy lighting. Positioning the couple on their BMW M240i convertible against the backdrop of the setting sun, they shared playful and loving moments that translated beautifully into the photographs.

Bonelli Park, with its diverse landscapes, beautiful waterfront, and serene vistas, serves as a perfect location for an engagement shoot. 

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