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Real Client Testimonials

We at Stanley Wu Photography pride ourselves in providing an amazing experience paired with unforgettable photography. Don't just take our word for it, check out what our past clients have had to say about our service!

We have an average of five stars from our 180+ reviews across multiple review websites, such as Google and Yelp. These are all real reviews from individuals, couples, families, and companies who have hired us to provide top-tier photography services.

Stanley is an amazing photographer! He has a great eye and artistic sense with the way he's able to capture the light and colors and more importantly the emotions in his photographs. He's an absolute professional and made the whole process so smooth and easy. He made me and my fiancé so comfortable during the shoot and guided us through it all. We are in no way models yet he made us look great through his suggestions for poses and adjustments.

We cannot recommend him more to whoever needs a photo shoot. We are completely in love with how the photos came out. They are just perfect to cherish our engagement memories. We can't imagine anyone better to have been part of such a special moment in our lives. We look forward to having him at our wedding day and more future moments in our lives.

- Keziah T

I recently had the incredible pleasure of hiring Stanley Wu for a truly special occasion: my proposal at El Matador State Park Beach in Malibu. I cannot express just how amazing Stanley's work was throughout this entire experience. From the initial contact to the final delivery of our photos, he exceeded every expectation and helped me capture a moment that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Stanley's attention to detail and dedication to his craft were evident from the very beginning. He took the time to meet with me, discuss my vision for the proposal, and even prepared a presentation to help me choose the perfect location at El Matador State Park Beach. His expertise and knowledge of the area made me feel confident that I was in good hands.

On the day of the proposal, Stanley was not just a photographer but a true partner in ensuring everything went smoothly. He arrived early to set up, discreetly positioned himself for the perfect shot, and when the moment came, he captured it flawlessly. His ability to blend into the background while still being there to document every emotion and detail was truly impressive.

After the proposal, we had a photoshoot session, and once again, Stanley's professionalism shone through. He provided clear direction while making us feel comfortable and relaxed. It was evident that he had a keen eye for composition and lighting, resulting in some absolutely stunning photographs.

I cannot recommend Stanley Wu enough as an engagement photographer.

- Jake H

Stanley is an incredible photographer with an eye for stunning shots and a calm presence that is so easy to work with.

In my pre-Stanley days, I thought that I was doomed to always look awkward in photos, but after meeting Stanley my life has changed. He has shot me and my wife's graduations, engagement, and most recently our wedding, and he has made us look fantastic in all of them. Every shot looks good because he really cares about what he's doing! From the pre-shoot zoom calls to find out our preferences/styles to the post-shoot reveal call, it's easy to tell that Stanley is passionate about his work, and the results are awesome.Working with him and Esther is so fun, and they helped us capture some of the most memorable moments from our wedding day. We will be sure to contact Stanley for any and all of our future photography needs!

- Tait M

Stanley Wu was the perfect photographer to document our engagement! He was able to capture candid photos without interfering with the special moment itself, and the photoshoot afterwards was so fun! He was able to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera, which translated into the photos. I liked that he had several locations and poses planned out, so the process ran quickly and effortlessly. The turnaround to receive photos was extremely quick, and the photos turned out beautiful. Stanley runs his business very seriously and professionally; you can tell that he's definitely an expert in this field. I highly recommend working with him!

- Melissa G

Stanley Wu Photography made me feel so comfortable on my photoshoot 'comfortable' because I knew that he not only get the job done (punctual, professional, excellent quality, etc.) but comfortable in the sense that I was working with a true artist. I felt at such peace working with him before my big day; he walked me through everything step-by-step. To find professionals with true heart, passion, and immense talent behind every inch of his work. Stanley was terrific to work with - he captured every beautiful moment and turned our photos into masterpieces that I will cherish forever.

My graduation was very different from your average 20-something-year-old. I had reservations about going back to school at an advanced age, knowing that I would be older than my classmates and probably even older than my instructors, but going back to school really proved to me that you're never too old to learn. I wanted to share my accomplishments with my daughter, so we opted for a Mommy & Me shoot, and Stanley & Esther was up for the challenge. They nailed it!

- Christine J

I had the pleasure of working with this exceptional photographer for our engagement photos, and I cannot speak highly enough about the experience. From start to finish, Stanley's calm and professional demeanor put us at ease, making the session a memorable and enjoyable one.

He had a keen eye for capturing candid and intimate moments, resulting in images that truly reflected our love and excitement for this special chapter in our lives. What stood out the most was his ability to guide us through the process while respecting our preferences and personalities. His gentle directions brought out the best in us and made the session feel effortless and relaxed. Communicating with him was a breeze, as he was always responsive, accommodating, and flexible with scheduling. We highly recommend, Stanley!

- Mindy L

Stanley and Esther are very kind, courteous, and easy to work with. Stanley captured the memory of a really important day and place for me and my fiancé - our engagement at the university where we first met.

We can’t recommend him enough - every aspect of the process (posing, photography, editing) was so well done.

Though my fiancé and I have more than a foot of height difference, Stanley photographed us in such a way that we looked very well paired.

We were really frazzled during the proposal and expected to look awkward but it turned out the complete opposite. Stanley captured our joyful, tender, candid moments beautifully.

There were several people on campus that day, but you couldn’t tell at all by looking at the photographs.

We loved how the photographs turned out, very professional, elegant, classy. We will revisit them often in the years to come.

- Kavya J

Stanley was our engagement and wedding photographer, and we couldn't be more pleased that we chose him and his team!

Pre-signing: We were referred to Stanley through a friend of ours. Within a couple days, he responded back and took the initiative to set up a call with us. The way he handled our call and his attention to detail plus the portfolio he showed us convinced us that he was the right fit for our photos.

Engagement Shoot: We did an outdoor photo shoot at the beach for our engagement photos. Stanley is very patient and will guide you through the types of shots that work best for the environment. He worked with us by himself and we were able to get a number of daytime and sunset shots.

Wedding Shoot: Stanley was there with us throughout the afternoon before the wedding, during the wedding, and even during the party. His team included himself, a second photographer, and his assistant in order to cover our entire wedding party - and we definitely needed it! With the help of his team, he was able to create a number of very inspired shots at our venue throughout the day. Everyone was very professional, and Stanley even offered to do a few night shots outside their working hours. That, plus the fact that he was able to turn around a wedding slideshow AND do our wedding brunch banquet the next day really cemented him as number one in our book!

Our verdict: you can't go wrong with Stanley. He'll make sure that you get what you want out of your wedding photos and much more.

- Jonathan Y

I took my college graduation photos with Stanley; I think he's great. From the very start, he's highly professional and responsive. He really takes the time to get to know you as a person and to figure out what you like/want for your photos. I didn't want my grad photos to end up looking very standard or "generic," so he took my suggestions about where I wanted to take my photos seriously. He also encouraged me to bring a unique prop for my photos that I don't think a lot of other people pose with, which really made my photos unique to myself.

I think the thing that stood out the most to me about Stanley, though, is the fact that he is very patient. I was very honest with him throughout the process that as more of a low-key person who doesn't take photos often, I would probably need a lot of help/guidance with things such as posing. I also had some anxiety about taking an entire session of photos of myself because of some lingering self-confidence issues from the past about my appearance and about the way I look in photographs. To be honest, my biggest fear was that my graduation photos would turn out ugly. But I knew that I wanted to take them, and I knew that I would never forgive myself if I allowed my insecurities to stand in the way of something this important.

I'm very happy to say that he was incredibly understanding during the entire process and that he never once judged me/made me feel weird about my inhibitions. He also never got fed up with my...ineptitude (?) in front of the camera and regularly let me take a peek at the photos during the entire session to see how things were going. When I got to see the photo gallery, I was actually very surprised at how good some of the pictures turned out, to the point that I looked at the screen for several minutes and thought, "Is that actually me?"

It's easy to work with a subject who is confident in front of a camera and who knows what he or she is doing. But I imagine it's harder to work with a subject, like myself, who is camera-shy. Therefore, I think this is a true testament as to how professional and skillful of a photographer Stanley is, if he can get someone as reserved as myself to open up in front of a camera.

So if you are still looking for photographers, definitely consider him. I'm glad I did.

- Emily H

I am a repeat client of Stanley's; he has captured the memories of two large milestones: my college graduation and engagement. He captures light in a radiant, soft, and almost ethereal type of way, which I absolutely adore.

Aside from being a highly talented photographer, Stanley is incredibly responsive, thoughtful, patient, and professional. Although we had to reschedule both the day and location of our engagement shoot due to COVID-19, Stanley expertly handled the situation with both reason and kindness.

Before our photoshoot, Stanley went above and beyond by carefully studying the location, its terrain, climate, and sunset time. On the day of the shoot, he had already carved out a game plan for exactly which sites to photograph and in what order. He also referenced my Pinterest boards so he could get an idea of the vibe I wanted for the photos - and he hit the nail right on the head!

Additionally, Stanley and his assistant Esther helped my camera-shy fiancé and I figure out our poses and feel more relaxed. They also brought props for us to use during the shoot, which was super nice of them.

Stanley's photography package comes at great value. After our 3-hour shoot, we received 300 beautiful photos that are easily accessible via a private link to an online gallery. I highly recommend choosing Stanley to capture your special moments in life!

- Renae C

Stanley and his wife make an amazing team! They did both our engagement shoot and the wedding. We could not have asked for a more phenomenal photographer! We love his photography and editing style--really bright and natural. He is extremely communicative and makes you feel relaxed especially if being the main subject in photos is something that doesn't come natural to you. On the actual wedding day, they photographed everything we wanted. From posed photos to candids, they did an amazing job capturing the essence of our special day. I cannot recommend Stanley enough!

- Yuri E

Stanley is an amazing photographer and we are so grateful that he was able to make our vision come true. We received his services as an engagement gift.

Stanley truly has an artistic eye. The whole time we felt extremely comfortable and natural with our photos.

Thank you for working together with us and helping our vision for Catalina Island come together.

- Alicia R

Stanley worked as our wedding and engagement shoot photographer, and we honestly couldn't have gone with anyone better.

Professionally, he's a peach to work with - efficient and quick without moving you faster than you might be comfortable with, quick to respond to questions and inquiries, and completely upfront about what things will cost, and what he can provide. Stanley and his team were so knowledgeable and kind, and made us comfortable being in front of the camera - by the end of our engagement shoot, he and his assistant Esther had us laughing and smiling with ease!

Artistically, Stanley is just incredible. He has a fabulous eye for light (including artificial light!) and architecture - really important when you're getting married indoors at night! His shot compositions are fab, and he's especially skilled at capturing a very particular moment - a quirk of the light, a passing expression, what have you.

We received a good batch of the photos from our wedding while we were on our honeymoon(!) and the rest were edited and ready to go within two months, which is obscenely fast! Stanley was just amazing from start to finish, and we couldn't be happier!

- Niki L

My husband and I were lucky enough to grab a 1 hour couple’s photo session with Stanley and we couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Stanley was extremely punctual, professional, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

From the day of booking to the day of the shoot, Stanley answered all our questions patiently and gave great suggestions and tips to ensure the whole process went smoothly. We were a bit nervous as it was our first time taking professional photos and we were unsure how to pose correctly, but Stanley guided us through the entire shoot— adjusting our positions and even fixing my hair lol.

Our photos turned out beautifully, we looked so natural in every photo. We will cherish these photos forever. You can tell that Stanley has a great artistic vision and is truly an expert in his craft. I HIGHLY recommend him.

- Cindy L

Stanley helped my friends and I shoot for our MBA grad at Pepperdine and we could not be happier with how our photos turned out! From start to finish, Stanley was super communicative and attentive and he really took the time to get to know us/what we were looking for as clients. During the shoot, Stanley was so helpful in posing us, noticing all the little details, and making sure that we felt comfortable behind the camera. We ordered expedited editing and he got our photos to us in literally just 2 business days, which is a turnaround time I can’t even fathom! Could not recommend Stanley enough, you won’t be disappointed.

- Elaine N

Stanley is a great collaborator & absolutely wonderful photographer!

We worked with him on our engagement photos as well as our wedding photographs and are stunned by the results. He has a great eye, is easy to work with, well prepared & has a modern, approachable platform where photos are hosted.

We highly recommend him & his work for anyone looking for a great photographer in LA!

- Zach B

I hired Stanley for a doctoral photo shoot and could not be more pleased. From the very beginning Stanley was responsive and answered all my emails in a timely manner. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely kind. I am not the most photogenic, but Stanley helped me with poses and gave me great direction that led to incredible shots. If you are looking for a talented and thoughtful photographer, please contact Stanley. You will not be disappointed!

- Kim M

To be honest I was a bit hesitant booking Stanley for my graduation photos. I have worked with several males in the industry coming from a background of beauty pageants and runways, some photographers can be.. interesting to say the least and make you feel self conscious/uncomfortable.. anyways!! Working with Stanley was so fun and I felt such at ease in front of the camera. He made my experience great and was so kind, patient, and overall great to be around!!!

I highly recommend him for any photo session. His comments were subtle and made me feel extremely comfortable in-front of the camera, and did not make me feel rushed or like we had a set time limit. Also, him, his partner, and furry friend were great to be around! :)

- Karen T

Review is long overdue - but Stanley is a m a z i n g. My friend and I searched around alot for grad photos and wanted someone really good because we never got them done for high school or undergrad. We met with Stanley for a consultation and loved his approach.

Day of, I was really nervous. I hate being photographed alone because I don't know what to do with my arms/hands and feel so awkward. He made us feel SO comfortable, told us how to pose, lightened up my mood, and we just had the greatest time! I think what really made me feel confident and good was the fact that he shows you the pictures throughout the session. Once I saw them, I thought "holy crap, I actually look good!" Thank you, Stanley, for making me feel so good about myself and beautiful.

- Helen P

Stanley has made my graduation experience such a joy!! My family and I loved every photo! So happy to have picked him for my graduation photos :)

- Korin C

I was looking for a photographer for our graduation photoshoot and I’m so glad I found Stanley! He made our experience very easy from day one. He is very meticulous! That’s why all our photos turned out to be amazing! He is undeniably talented! Thank you Stanley! I wish you continued success in the future! Until the next photoshoot!

- Monica A

Stanley and Esther are the best. I had such a blast working with them. They are fun, professional, and passionate about what they do. Stanley took my pictures for graduation and they came out AMAZING!! They were able to capture such lovely images - so much that I had a difficult time picking my top 30 pictures for an album. Stanley was very responsive and made the experience for me unforgettable. I highly recommend him and I am so glad I was able to book a session with him.

- Anais A

I've worked with Stanley for both my undergraduate and graduate portraits. He's a kind, thoughtful, and talented photographer with a great eye for composition and light. My most recent experience was wonderful. We shot graduation portraits and video at various locations on the USC campus and in the Exposition Park Rose Garden. He did a great job of incorporating all of my graduation regalia and helping me look my best in the photos. I was also lucky enough to meet Esther at this session. Not only did she attend to my every need, but she was such a pleasure to have around. When your photographer is reminding you to focus, instead of talk, you know you're having a good time!

What sets Stanley apart from photographers I've worked with previously is that he always seems as excited as I am about the milestones or accomplishments that he's capturing. From start to finish, you're taken care of when working with Stanley and he leaves you feeling more like a friend than a client.

I couldn't have asked for better graduation portraits. When friends and colleagues ask me about my photos, I'm always thrilled to recommend Stanley since I know they'll love the results. I highly recommend Stanley and look forward to working with him in the future. He always delivers impressive results, his rates are fair, and he's a wonderful person. What else could you ask for?

- Tegan C

Stanley is amazing! I booked my graduation photo shoot with him in June 2018 and loved the photos so much that my husband and I booked him again for our wedding in August 2019. Stanley's style of photography is just beautiful. I love how light and airy it is. He is very talented and professional. My husband and I felt extremely comfortable during the photo shoot and had the best time. It was so much fun! Taking photos with Stanley is not just posing and the photographer tells you what to do. Everything feels super natural and at ease. We were all like 'what about this pose, what about this location.' Every angle or location Stanley suggests creates a truly amazing picture. Him and his assistant made also sure that our hair was right, the make up looked good etc. I'm very critical with myself in pictures and I would say about myself that I'm very hard to please in regards to photos. But I swear, I love EVERY picture Stanley took. The way he catches light is truly amazing. I can highly recommend him!

- Claudia B

Stanley and his co-photographer/videographer Esther were an absolute pleasure to work with! Based on a strong recommendation from my close photography-literate friend, I chose Stanley for my surprise proposal and engagement photoshoot with my now fiancee back in July 2020 in San Diego. Even though I contacted him last minute and without many details (FYI it’s hard to plan a good proposal during a pandemic), Stanley was extremely helpful in every aspect of preparation, no matter how small. We came up with an elaborate plan involving a rose scavenger hunt leading to a surprise proposal followed by a cliffside/beachside photoshoot, and Stanley executed the plan perfectly (while staying out of sight) despite not seeing the location in person beforehand. We were blown away by Stanley’s skill to capture the magic of the moment (with perfect timing) and transform an otherwise ordinary setting into a beautiful and magical scene. Stanley and Esther are so creative in suggesting poses and shots as well as versatile in capturing different styles and moods such as scenic, romantic, documentary, comedic, or family. After our afternoon photoshoot (and an evening drive home), Stanley worked late into the night to send us a preview of our photoshoot so we could post about our engagement right away. We could not be happier with how our photos turned out and we believe Stanley’s quality is worth all that we paid and more. We cannot wait to have him and Esther photograph our wedding too! We highly recommend booking with Stanley Wu Photography for his talent, personality, and professionalism!

- Nathan S

I can't even put into words how great the entire experience was, from planning the shoot, to the actual shoot, to showing the reveal after. The shoot was such a personalized experience, Stanley took into account all the different aspects I wanted to incorporate into the photos. One of the things I liked the most, is how much he helped with posing. I'm a pretty awkward picture taker, but Stanley provided me with amazing instructions to get the best pose, and I could not be more amazed at the way the photos turned out. I would absolutely recommend Stanley to anyone that wants professional photos.

- Catalina R

Graduation Portrait With Long White Chiffon Dress

This is my second time booking Stanley. He took my graduation pictures for my undergrad in 2018. I don't consider myself to be photogenic and feel really awkward in front of the camera unless it’s a selfie. Stanley made me feel really comfortable, he was professional, on time, and guided me on how to use my hands, position my feet, where to turn, etc. The little details, professionalism, and excellent quality pictures are what prompted me to book him again for my master's degree. I am in love with all of the pictures. I highly recommend Stanley to capture and commemorate any of life's special moments.

- Janet R

Stanley is an amazing professional photographer! Graduating in the midst of a global pandemic was upsetting, but my photoshoot with Stanley really made up for everything and exceeded my expectations. The moment he responded to my inquiry back in January, I knew he was a very organized individual with an incredible level of professionalism (also reflected by his website). He was very understanding when it came to rescheduling and waiting until I felt comfortable enough to take grad photos on campus during the pandemic. About a week before my session, I had a virtual meeting with Stanley to plan the day in more detail and get to know each other better. I felt nervous about not knowing how to pose for pictures, but he made me feel more confident by explaining how to position my body to capture my preferred angles and hyping me up throughout the entire session.

I recently received my photos, and let me just say....Stanley's photography skills are out of this world! He captures beautiful images! He is so talented. Ultimately, this was such an incredible experience, and a great way to end my undergraduate journey. I will forever cherish this moment. I highly recommend Stanley Wu Photography!

I look forward to booking another session with him in the future :)

- Jennifer C

We had a graduation+family session in June with Stanley. He was very professional and responsive to emails. On the day of the shoot Stanley was efficient in getting photos at all the various locations. Esther helped with poses and keeping things fun. Stanley took some candids that turned out great. In fact, all the photos looked beautiful. Since there wasn't really a traditional graduation ceremony this year, this photoshoot served the purpose of marking this significant milestone. I would highly recommend Stanley Wu Photography!

- Charlie C

I've been following different photographers on IG ever since my son started UCLA and over the years Stanley's pictures have always been a step above the others. I especially like how he uses natural light and beautiful scenery to create a magical mood. He is very professional and was very easy for my son to work with taking both my wants and his into consideration. He was also very accommodating, flexible, and understanding during this usual time. Given that my son's graduation could not be what we envisioned we were more than pleased that Stanley could at least give us the pictures we had dreamed of and are thrilled with the results.

- Andrea P

Due to the pandemic, our wedding was delayed and our one-ish year of interacting with Stanley became more like three!

Glad we were able to finally get it done and really appreciated how professional Stanley was. He and Esther went above and beyond (Esther is amazing as day of coordinator, so make sure to book her as well!)

Pictures turned out great and I'm very happy to show them to everyone!

- Sara C

Stanley is an incredible photographer, and I am very grateful that he took my grad photos last month! He was very professional, organized, and helpful every step of the way, from sending timely emails and super-easy-to-follow forms to register and guide the process to making me feel super comfortable posing in front of the camera on photo session day. He is quick to respond to any inquiries, very accommodating of any suggestions/preferences, and, most importantly, an incredibly kind person to work with. Stanley is so talented and captured such beautiful images that I can’t think of any other person to work with the next time I need professional photos!

- Suzan A

Very professional, patient, flexible, responds timely, really tries to know his client to achieve desired results, and produces great artistic quality photos. My experience was very positive! He gets 5 stars from me! Thanks Stanley!

- Alexis F

We worked with Stanley and Esther in May 2020 at USC. They are professional, passionate, and easy to work with. We thought taking pictures on campus was going to be a tall order given we were in the middle of the pandemic. Stanley kept us informed about the restrictions and changes going on in Los Angeles. We were able to get on to campus and Stanley created amazing family portraits as well as amazing photos capturing both my son's and my daughter’s time at USC. If I am ever in need of a photographer again, my first call will be to Stanley.

- Kathleen C

I cannot recommend Stanley enough! He is incredibly professional and talented at what he does--not to mention those editing skills. He's also extremely friendly, personable, and listens to any ideas you may have. For someone who doesn't feel that comfortable in front of the camera, he did an amazing job in making me feel comfortable throughout my session. He's super responsive to emails, punctual, and just overall a great photographer to work with. If you are looking to get photos taken that you’ll cherish forever, you really cannot go wrong with Stanley.

- Annie Y

My fiancé and I heard about Stanley through a mutual friend. Our friend told us that Stanley was an expert with natural lighting, so we scheduled a trip to Big Sur with Stanley. Stanley organized and coordinated the route with us ahead of time through calls and emails. We ran into some trouble meeting up at first when the 2-mile road down to the beach was closed, but we found some cell signal and were able to meet up. Stanley and his assistant, Esther, found a nice wooded area off the road for us to start taking pictures. They helped arrange our poses and correct our posture. We didn't have specific things we wanted, so we all wandered around and explored the area. Stanley would find little pockets of great views and redirect us. After we finished the day trip, Stanley got back to us in a week with the selected and edited photos. We were amazed at how much better we looked than we expected. Stanley was full of energy and easy to work with. I always enjoy watching people do things they are passionate about, and Stanley's photography was no exception.

- Cameron Y

Stanley is a phenomenal photographer! My boyfriend and I did a mini graduation photoshoot (1 hour) with him and are absolutely in love with the final product.

Before the shoot:

Stanley's extremely quick to respond to emails. After securing a date, he sends a form to learn more about you/your expectations for the photo shoot. He even sends some preparation tips (e.g. props, how to dress) and suggests a meet-up. In-person, Stanley's kindness and professionalism really shine! I felt like I was meeting with an old friend.

During the shoot:

Stanley provides plenty of guidance on posing and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the shoot. He captures the perfect moments/emotions and got you covered on fixing any stray hairs or clothing mishaps as well!

After the shoot:

Stanley got back to us with the full gallery of edited photos about two weeks later -- they were absolutely AMAZING. I would highly recommend him to future graduates/couples for engagement or wedding photos. Can only hope to shoot again with him soon! :)

- Tiffany H

Stanley did grad photos for me and my friends, and they turned out perfectly! He and Esther both did a great job at making us comfortable and telling us how to pose, even making sure our hair and stances always looked good for the photos. He was efficient and communicative before, after, and during the photoshoot. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who wants great quality photos, we were all very happy with them! There is also a good group discount for multiple people joining the session.

- Allison N

Stanley is an amazing photographer! As a grad during the pandemic I was so sad to not be able to experience my last year the way I wanted, but having this session with Stanley made it so special. He was able to capture so many beautiful and genuine moments on my campus. Despite having a slightly gloomy weather day he was able to make the best of it and make it so much better! I would highly recommend Stanley for capturing any special occasion in your life. Also thank you Stanley for making me feel confident despite always feeling awkward in front of a camera!! :)

- Ilene A

My friends and I were fortunate enough to have Stanley take grad pictures for us. The pictures turned out really nicely and we were so happy with them! Stanley is kind, professional, and super responsive. You can always expect a reply from him within 24 hours. He and his partner Esther were so great during the session. Honestly, the session itself was a great time!

- Crystal W

Session: Graduation Shoot (2 people, 2 hours)

Stanley is a true professional photographer - while many photographers try to provide you with good photos, Stanley ensures that your entire experience, from booking to the final product, is top notch. The quality of his service is unparalleled.

He has a variety of options for sessions and is extremely flexible in adapting to your needs. He makes the photoshoot an energizing and uplifting experience and will leave you feeling satisfied with ALL the photos he takes. His years of experience spoke for itself when advising us on the best poses, locations, lighting and composition. I've been struggling to decide which photos to post on social media because they're all so great!

If you want some truly incredible photos that your friends and family will rave about, look no further and reach out to Stanley ASAP!

- Anuraj R

Stanley is such a great photographer! Not only is he talented but he's also extremely personable and made my photoshoot such a comfortable and fun experience. He gave me the autonomy to add ideas and props to my photoshoot adding his professional advice and ideas as well!

- Shawna L

I decided to have a last-minute grad photoshoot at UCLA, and I didn’t expect Stanley to have any openings because we were trying to book a session during the middle of graduation season. But luckily he was able to fit me in for a 2-hour session, and I got my photos taken on my graduation day. Stanley and his assistant Esther were both so amazing, and I felt really comfortable with them because they made the photo shoot very light-hearted and fun. I was able to take photos at all of my favorite spots on campus, and the session didn’t feel rushed at all. Taking photos with Stanley on my graduation day made the experience so much more surreal, and I am so grateful that I have the incredible photos that he took to commemorate this occasion. I highly recommend Stanley as a photographer because he is very talented and incredible at what he does, and he truly cares about providing the best results for his clients!

- Shaila E

Stanley took my graduation pictures and he was fantastic! He made me comfortable, his pictures are beautiful, and he was very professional. I highly recommend!

- Sage A

I did a 2-hour session with Stanley for my senior year college graduation. Stanley and Esther are very professional. We were able to meet through Zoom just to break the ice and not feel nervous the day of the shoot. I was so speechless when I got my photos. He was able to capture so much and I can honestly say I LOVE my photos (all thanks to Stanley and his assistant Esther of course)! My experience overall went very well. He made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. During the 2-hour session, there were many laughs and jokes. It was just perfect. Wouldn’t want anyone else to capture my future moments but him.

Fun fact about Stanley: he is a professional with knowing how to open champagne bottles :)

- Erika R

Stanley is the person you want to be taking your photos. From start to finish, his professionality in aiming to achieve what the client wants is at the forefront and is seen in his level of communication, care, and listening. I did my graduation photos with him and, even months ahead of time, we were talking about what I wanted and specific details that would make it special. Beyond having a keen eye, the atmosphere while working with him on the shoot day felt stress-free and he made the entire process more fun than anything else. The quality of his work and preparation ahead of time goes a long way when you are taking photos that are meant to last a lifetime. The next time I have a life event I want to capture and make mean something to me years down the road, no doubt I am calling Stanley. Professional, responsive, and someone who aims to make you happy.

- Tony T

Stanley took my undergraduate graduation photos and I couldn't be happier with the results. He takes time to understand the hopes and wants of his clients regarding their pictures. He's very responsive and personable, which made the session easygoing and comfortable! His assistant/partner, Esther, was also great in giving ideas and feedback, and the occasional detail fixing. I had an awesome time during my session and the pictures truly show it!

- Christian G

My friends and I did a 2-hour graduation shoot with Stanley at UCLA. Stanley will make sure you get your money's worth and truly cares about his work and his clients. He was very reliable and responsive throughout the entire process of booking and really took the time to explain all the options in detail. The shoot was so fun and personal, which was nice since our graduation ceremony was canceled. It was easy to work with him because he knew all the good spots and his way around campus. You can count on Stanley to make sure that the product is catered to exactly what you want it to be. The cherry on top was the reveal session he set up for us. We all hopped on a zoom call and enjoyed a slideshow he prepared as well as the gallery of all the final photos. A wholesome experience. 10/10 would recommend.

- Reem A

I enlisted Stanley to take my law school graduation photos after my commencement was canceled due to Covid-19. I cannot recommend him highly enough! Stanley was professional, thoughtful, and easy to work with. My graduation gown was delayed in arriving, and Stanley was wonderful about rescheduling our shoot. He took all of my preferences into account and made sure we planned a photo shoot that incorporated all of my favorite spots on campus. His assistant was also wonderful, helping me pose properly for the best possible photos and fixing stray hairs or a rumpled graduation gown before each picture. Most importantly, my pictures came out stunning! They were everything I had hoped for. The day I received my finalized photos felt like more of a graduation day than my actual commencement day. I would absolutely recommend Stanley for photographing your special day!

- Julie K

I was looking for a photographer for my senior pictures in Nebraska and somehow I came across Stanley Wu’s page and was in love with how he took pictures... so simple and elegant. So I decided I was going to take my pictures in California because my family and I were heading over there for vacation. Taking my pictures with Stanley was the best day of my life. He and Esther made me feel so comfortable. They were just a blast to be around, so gentle and kind. And my photos were breathtaking I can’t stop looking at them. I will forever cherish this moment for a lifetime. Thank you so much.

- Meleny C

Had a phenomenal experience with Stanley! He is punctual, efficient, easygoing, and most importantly incredibly talented at his craft. I have never received photos more crisp and detailed than his.

I needed to photograph some art pieces to set up a portfolio for my application to school. Within a day of reaching out, he responded with all of his available dates, and also made time to answer all of the questions I had about the process.

When scheduling the shoot, Stanley took MANY things into consideration and paid mind to all the details, which really shows in his work. He guided me through his thought process of identifying the right areas to achieve optimal lighting, and the general criteria necessary for taking good photos. He doesn't keep his skills a secret, and I felt like he openly lead me through all of his decisions!

Because he knew I was in a rush, Stanley also went out of his way to provide a full gallery within a day of the shoot. I was pleasantly surprised! The photos speak for themselves. Unparalleled work, top-notch service, and overall very happy RETURNING customer!

- Emily C

I was searching for Los Angeles graduation/portraits on Instagram when I found Stanley. I was immediately drawn by his use of natural light and how he incorporates the location (typically campuses) into his portraits. I had no need to look any further and immediately contacted him through his website.

He responds FAST - he responded to my first e-mail within hours (and that was around midnight). Booking, signing the agreement, paying the invoice was so easy - it's all done through the client portal. There is also a pre-session questionnaire that gave me the chance to tell him what I want from the session (i.e., style, expectations of the session). It definitely shows how much he cares in satisfying clients' wishes!

After booking, Stanley gives so much useful information (such as outfit colors and props) through e-mail, and if needed, through the phone. He was also quick to answer all my anxiety-ridden concerns the night before.

I booked a mini session (30 minutes) in a park that has a great view of the Los Angeles skyline. Stanley walked me through all the poses and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole thing. Even though it was a short session, I was able to have 3 outfits [technically] - my dress, graduation gown, and white coat. We did come across an obstacle: a group was hogging a spot I really wanted pictures in. By the time they let us have it, golden hour was gone and it was getting dark... but he made it work!! Only when the session was over did I realize we went wayyyy over my session time. It felt like he was definitely focused on making sure I'm satisfied than time constraints, which I appreciate oh so much!

Since it was the beginning of peak season, Stanley estimated that my photos would be ready in about 3-4 weeks but I can ask him for a preview. But he had my photos ready in one week! AND I LOVED THEM ALL. The pictures looked like I was in an enchanted forest rather than some urban park. And the pictures with the skyline were exactly what I wanted. They immediately went onto my social media accounts and I've already ordered prints.

TLDR: Stanley is magical and I highly recommend him!!

- Vanessa B

LOVED shooting my graduation photo session with Stanley! I discovered him as I was researching the best photographers for my senior portraits, and came across some amazing photos of my school that he took. I'm super nit-picky about my pictures, and he listened to every concern and aspiration I have for the shoot and made sure I felt super comfortable. I love golden hour photos with lots of light, and that's exactly what we were able to do during the shoot. He's super creative, patient, and detail-oriented, which made the shoot really great. He also showed me some of his amazing work for weddings, headshots, and all types of grad sessions, so I definitely recommend him for any type of shoot you're looking for!

- Daniella T

This was my second experience with Stanley Wu Photography, but my first experience with him as the client. In the prior experience, Stanley Wu showed that he was extremely professional and courteous of his client's needs during the photo shoot. His photography for my graduation shoot came out excellent with great framing and camerawork and I recommend his services for every and any occasion calling for long-lasting memories.

- Fermin M

I've worked with Stanley on several different occasions. First, he did my college graduation shoot back in 06/16 which turned out great! After finding out that my firm needed professional photos taken for our website and online marketing campaign, I immediately thought of Stanley. He came to our offices on two separate dates, to take pictures of all our attorneys. He made sure to make everyone as comfortable as possible and really understood the "look" our firm was trying to achieve. We are incredibly happy with our results and will definitely be reaching out again in the future. Thanks, Stanley!

- Cindy J

Professional Defense Attorney Headshot in Los Angeles

Stanley is extremely talented, and as a model who has had photos taken for many years, he has got to be the best in the game right now. He took my graduation photos at UCLA, and I am beyond happy with the final product. He responded quickly to emails, was punctual, and even arrived earlier than the expected time, and his process is very straightforward.

Stanley's knowledge of photography and lighting is advanced and the perspectives of his shots are superb and unique.

He's friendly and personable. I resonate with his grind and really appreciate his great work.

I highly recommend him!

- Lawrence L

I had two photoshoot sessions with Stanley in one month and that's how amazing he is. Not only is he extremely talented in his photography techniques (his photos are phenomenal), he is also very good at communicating with us and making us feel comfortable during the photoshoot. I had a session with my parents, who used to be very awkward and shy in front of the camera but Stanley gave us a lot of tips on posing and the photoshoot turned out to be fun and natural.

Stanley is very professional and efficient as well. My friends and I did a graduation photoshoot with him, and he managed to make sure that we all got a bunch of beautiful group portraits and individual portraits. He is also very friendly and quick to respond to emails and requests.

Highly recommend him!

- Coco X

Stanley was absolutely wonderful to work with for our family shoot from start to finish. The whole process was seamless - he replied to my inquiry very promptly, offered fair pricing and had several suggestions for where our family portraits could take place. Onsite it was totally natural and we couldn’t be happier with the images we received. Will definitely work with him for many occasions in the future.

- Lauren S

Stanley was AWESOME when it came to everything dealing with my surprise proposal/engagement session. From suggestions, to planning, and results, my fiancé and I were extremely happy with the process and with how the pictures turned out!

- Luis C

The entire process from communication to the actual shoot day has been the smoothest, and Stanley is very attentive to every piece that goes into capturing life in a picture. He heard everything I had to say when we got to meet and it showed throughout each photo. I’m beyond happy with how everything turned out and highly recommend you get Stanley to capture what it is you have in mind!! Amazing job and will definitely keep him in mind when it comes to photography. Thank you again!

- Tatyanna L

I originally learned about Stanley and his work from former classmates who had taken their graduation pictures with him in previous years. As soon as I saw his photographs, I was able to see a special light of talent and attention to detail that very much shines through all of his work. I contacted Stanley for my own photographic session, and I had one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had.

The interaction that I first had with Stanley in person, and through initial emails was very important. He was extremely attentive, and I could see the attention and level of detail that he put into his clients. In a one-to-one meeting, he learned about the relationship that I had with UCLA, the school where my photo shoot took place. For him, it was not about just taking great pictures. It was about conveying emotion, in this case, a special bond between me and my Alma mater. He thrives in expressing these feelings in his photographs.

We had to split the actual photo session between two days. The first day, though very good, was filled with people that prevented us from a more comfortable photo shoot. He had no problem rescheduling, and we had an outstanding session two. With Stanley, I felt very comfortable to the point of being spontaneous. He suggested poses and positions for even better photos, including items that I could bring for a better experience. All in all, Stanley is an outstanding photographer that captures personal emotion in his work.

- Jesus B

Stanley did an amazing job for our first professional family/holiday photo shoot.

The session was very relaxing, fun, and efficient. He was very accommodating with our needs and preferences, helping us achieve the best results. I would definitely recommend Stanley and come back for more sessions!

- Kimberly T

It was a privilege to work with Stanley. He is diligent and passionate about his work. He was able to capture exactly what I envisioned and more. Thank you Stanley for capturing my excitement and accomplishments in my photos.

- Catya M

This is a bit of a late review and I hope Stanley forgives me for taking so long! I had such an amazing experience with Stanley! I researched photographers in the LA area from home in Austin, TX. I graduated in May from USC but my program was online. Pursuing my Master's Degree at USC meant sooo many things to me! It was my dream school and I was obtaining my Master's! Stanley worked with me throughout the whole process! Was super responsive and actually made me feel comfortable and confident! I was able to book a session with Stanley for the Spring time and he met with me before my shoot, which made me feel so much better about everything! The next day, it was an awesome feeling to know that I had a photographer who knew the best spots AND the best time(s) of the day to capture the best memories! I truly cherish these photos and cannot thank him enough for his support and kindness at such an important time in my life! Thank you, Stanley!

- Kara B

Stanley is an extremely talented photographer and was a pleasure to work with. The entire process from the initial phone call to discuss the project, to the final photos was seamless and fun! I will definitely work with Stanley again and highly recommend him to others.

- Grant A

I did my graduation photo session with Stanley and the result turned out amazing! I was afraid of looking awkward in the photos, but he helped me a lot during the photo session. It was a fun photo session with him since he's really friendly.

I had so many questions before the photo session and Stanley responded to my emails very quickly. He is very professional and well-organized.

I'm so pleased with the result that I use the photo as my profile picture on my social media!

- Margareth S

Great photographer that knew how to work with an awkward subject like me. I had no experience posing for a professional photo shoot, and he was able to use elements of the landscape around us such as hills covered with flowers and encouraged me to interact with these elements to make beautiful pictures. I ended up with photos that my family loved and printed out to display at home. They are highly grateful for these high-quality photos. I highly recommend using Stanley Wu Photography for any portrait needs!

- Sarah C

When it was nearing my graduation, I spent a lot of time trying to find a great graduation photographer whose skill is commensurate with his/her rates. A photographer myself, I have quite high of an expectation when it comes to photography services. Most of the time the graduation photographers I found had either mediocre portfolios or overpriced services. That is until I learned of Stanley's work.

My photoshoot session with Stanley lasted no more than 45 minutes but the amount of beautiful photos delivered for such a short session far exceeded my expectation. While other graduation photographers would normally spend a lot of time to get a feel of the background and lighting, Stanley was fluidly in motion with the fluctuation of light color and intensity and changing settings. He wasted no time to come up with ideas on the spot which, for a second, made me worried that he was just slapping on a preset formula for all his graduation photoshoots. My concern proved to be unfounded upon my review of the final product. My graduation photos bore little to no resemblance with his other albums he had done in the past.

On top of his quality work, Stanley was very professional. He explained to me clearly what I could expect when I chose his service and he lived up to all those expectations if not exceeded them. He could deliver high-quality work whether you have or do not have a clear idea in your mind. If you want to customize his service in a certain way, he will definitely adapt accordingly and skillfully.

I hope his business will thrive. We need more photographers like him.

- Cam V

I needed professional headshots in a couple of days and Stanley was able to schedule me a slot super quickly. It was my first time taking professional photos and he was very helpful and efficient. Super happy about the results!

- Pauline C

Stanley Wu was great to work with. He was professional, organized and his work is excellent. He took great company headshots for my company. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Scott A

I reached out to Stanley to get headshots done within a very short time frame. He was extremely professional, easy to work with, and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. His thoughtfulness and attention to detail are what I appreciated the most. The photos came out beautifully and on time. Thank you, Stanley!

- Chelsea S

Had an amazing engagement photoshoot experience with Stanley in the SF area! The photos came out great, but more importantly, he made it such a fun experience. He had tons of great ideas and a good eye for locations, and he was also open to any ideas we suggested. Would totally recommend!

- Richard H

Phenomenal talent and phenomenal product by the best photographer in SoCal - Stanley Wu! We had the pleasure of having him as our wedding & engagement photographer and never regretted it one bit. The best investment and even more so because it’s once in a lifetime event.

My husband and I decided to come back for a review since we noticed that even 5 months after receiving these amazing photos, we find ourselves still scrolling through our wedding pictures whenever we have the time. His shots are beautiful and timeless and he captured every significant moment of our day perfectly as how we remembered them!

Let’s talk about his professionalism... super easygoing, full of ideas, unobtrusive, fun to work with and talk to. He and his wonderful partner Esther offered endless support and guidance throughout the day. Not only my husband and I were in safe hands, it felt like having two friends with you. Whats more after a long day - a total of 8 hrs on his feet - he still had a big smile without any complaint! Just an all rounder person! And you can see this is not just a job... he live for it and his passion shines through. THANK YOU STANLEY!

Hannah S

I had an amazing photoshoot experience with Stanley for my USC graduation. He is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and fun. Before the photoshoot, we did a consultation session where we got to know each other and he showed me his amazing photography work. He explained in detail about the photoshoot process to make me feel more comfortable about the photoshoot. He asked me about my preference for style and sent me a detailed list of the do's and don'ts to help me better prepare for the photoshoot. I had to cancel last minute for initial appointment and he was extremely understanding and agreed to reschedule with no additional cost. He's the best! During the 2 hour photoshoot, he helped tremendously with posing and choosing locations on campus. I am beyond happy with all my pictures. I think he does a better job than everyone else. I would recommend him 100%.

- Tarynn W

Stanley was wonderful to work with! He really understood what we wanted in our photos and did a beautiful job. Highly recommend him for any moments you want captured.

- Alisha P

Stanley was such a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process. Our grad pictures were so beautiful and so thoughtful. I highly recommend Stanley!

- Jenna M

Amazing experience with Stanley Wu. He is extremely professional and the quality of his photos are outstanding. I am very shy in front of the camera but he did an incredible job helping me to pose and feel more comfortable. He did my headshots and the finished product was flawless. Highly recommend!

- Carolyne S

Stanley is a talented photographer. He photographed my son's graduation--- My son doesn't like to take pictures. Stanley has the tools and the know-how to get someone to smile, and pose to get amazing pictures.

- Danielle R

Stanley is the absolute best! So professional and easy to get along with; I love how my grad pictures turned out :) He truly listens to what you ask for and knows exactly how to direct you if you don't know what you're doing (which I didn't haha). Would definitely recommend and hire him again!!

- Emerald S

Stanley exceeded expectations with a distinctive set of skills to capture vibrant photographs! Very responsive and willing to help me out during the pandemic to create the perfect professional shot.

- Flaviu C

Shout out to Stanley Wu. My daughter's graduation photos were stunning! Gorgeous! Absolutely perfect! He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.

- Sheryl V

I'm so glad that we chose Stanley for our graduation photos! He was efficient, professional and patient. He gave us tips and suggestions for posing so it was very helpful, especially for someone like me who feels awkward in front of cameras. The best part is the photos and the videos came out great! Highly recommend Stanley!

- Tomee L

I had Stanley do my branding photos and absolutely loved how they turned out! Super professional and classy photographer.

Definitely recommend!

- Nadine H

Stanley and his team are rock stars: amazing session and really fast (in the best possible way) session. Fair price, lovely service. Couldn't be more satisfied!

- Fernanda S

Stanley is a professional. He was very interested in making my vision for my graduation photos a reality. I will work with him again.

- Andria O

Best photographer! Really gave great direction on how to pose and look your best for the shot. Will work with him again!

- Amber H

Amazing photographer! Friendly, nice, and the pictures turned out beautiful! We would definitely use him again!

- Jana M

Had a session with Stanley and he did an amazing job. He was fun to work with and clearly knows what he is doing. Touched up my photos well and I am very pleased with his work. Highly recommended.

- Shaheen M

I had a graduation photoshoot with Stanley this past month. Stanley was great! His attention to detail and artistic eye for pictures is simply amazing. He guides you in posing and gives you advice on how to create the best shot. More than anything, he was patient, kind, and explained everything clearly. I was never unsure of what to do or where to look. I think the most important thing for a photoshoot is to feel comfortable and ultimately feel your best, and this is 110% true of my experience with Stanley Wu photography.

Thank you for the incredible experience. I would highly recommend Stanley to anyone!

- Catie M

I had been looking for a photographer to take family photos at UCLA. I stumbled across Stanley but had reservations as most of the photos were graduation photos. However, speaking to him before the shoot put my mind at ease. Not only did he get great photos of the family, he made us feel at ease, allowing him to get some amazing candid photos. He also worked around my demanding puppy who is not easy to photograph. Kudos to Stanley and his wonderful assistant. They are patient and encouraging and work at getting all the right shots.

- June A

I don't even know where to begin! Stanley is very sweet and puts time and effort to create the best experience. He communicated everything that was going to happen before, during, and after the shoot. I was nervous taking pictures because I'm not photogenic; I'm actually a tomboy. But Stanley made me feel very comfortable and we had a great time during the photoshoot. And if you're worried about COVID, he wore his mask the entire time! I would recommend his services to anyone! Give him a try!

- Feven S

Stanley is the most amazing photographer! My friend & I just recently graduated from USC with our Masters & wanted to do something special to celebrate. When we found Stanley's website, we didn't want to look any further. His pictures were beautiful & he did not disappoint. He made us feel so comfortable throughout the entire shoot, showing us pictures along the way, listening to what we wanted while also providing us feedback on how to pose & the best spots for pictures on campus. He's so knowledgeable about the best locations on campus which made the shoot easy & fun. Would definitely recommend!!

- Natasha V

Such a great photographer and person! I felt comfortable the whole time and I was as nervous before because I had the portraits done through UCLA and they were terrible but as soon as he took and showed me the first pictures I knew I'd be a returning customer!

- Carolina G

I definitely recommend Stanley! His photos are amazing and he makes everything look very nice and professional. He also recommends a makeup/hairstylist too and she is also really good. She did my makeup and hair and it turned out gorgeous. He also gives you a great price and credit towards any album or prints. Overall, he is very fun to work with and you will really enjoy your time taking your memorable photos.

- Derricka L

It was our first time hiring a photographer to commemorate my girlfriend's achievement in the midst of this Covid crisis. Her academic journey wasn't easy considering all of the current events these past two years from a fire by UCLA, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the racial equality protests; a woman's graduation needed to be celebrated despite all odds and UCLA shutdowns. Stanley was one of the many names that popped in the search engine and among others, his work was the most striking to us as it conveys and captures an individual's genuine self in the most beautiful backdrop set with an excellent execution of lighting. I'm happy to have gone through these current events with my future wifey and I needed Stanley to capture her best moments during her personal struggle.

With that said, Stanley has a love for photography. We had a two-hour session and during this time, we've gotten to know his passion. He had another major in college and decided photography was the one true love he could partake as an early life career. Not many young guys know what they want to do after college, myself included. Passion at work at any setting produces like products. Stanley was professional in attire, attitude, and through the shoot. First thing we noticed between Stanley and other photographers at Royce Hall was that they all were dressed in lounge wear, flip flops, and carried a messy appearance. Stanley showed up with a semi-casual attire and a full set of work equipment including lights. Let's just say that I wouldn't trust a mechanic fixing my car if he showed up in PJs and tell me I needed to change brake pads. Stanley meant business and this professional attitude instantly won our trust. Quality work comes from a passionate practitioner; Stanley is of that caliber. We will ask Stanley again for our future takes. = ) Check out the pics below and judge Stanley yourself.

- Carl C

Working with Stanley has always been a pleasure. He's incredibly efficient, professional, and creative. You get the sense that the whole process and project will be done without a hitch, and it really is the case! His calm demeanor really shines, and you can tell that he's always willing to get creative, involved, and really cares about not just doing a great job, but making sure that you as a client are truly satisfied. Having done multiple shoots with Stanley for various types of shoots, he either naturally excels in certain situations, or does his homework to make sure that he's as prepared as possible for whatever project comes his way.

Overall, you'd be silly to not give him a shot! Also, his turnaround time is wickedly fast, and we all know how eager we are to see the photos immediately following an awesome photoshoot.

If I could, I'd give Stanley 10 out of 5 stars, but unfortunately I'm limited to 5 ;)

- Yee S

This is the second time I hired Stanley for my photography needs. Like my previous experience, Stanley and his teammate, Esther, delivered. Stanley is skilled at his craft and able to capture one in such a way that suits one's intended purpose. In my case, this was professional headshots. The current global pandemic meant that Stanley's studio was closed in order to accommodate social distancing. We shot at an outdoor location after Stanley had asked what kind of theme I wanted. On the day, Stanley called me personally to check-in, remind me of my scheduled session, and ask whether I had any last minute questions. Although the session was short (30 minutes), Stanley knew where all the good spots were and got down to business. I commend Stanley for his dedication and service, and for going above and beyond for his clients. I recommend Stanley to anyone in need of a photographer.

- Eric L

Stanley and his co-photographer/videographer Esther were an absolute pleasure to work with! Based on a strong recommendation from my close photography-literate friend, I chose Stanley for my surprise proposal and engagement photoshoot with my now fiancee back in July 2020 in San Diego. Even though I contacted him last minute and without many details (FYI it's hard to plan a good proposal during a pandemic), Stanley was extremely helpful in every aspect of preparation, no matter how small. We came up with an elaborate plan involving a rose scavenger hunt leading to a surprise proposal followed by a cliffside/beachside photoshoot, and Stanley executed the plan perfectly (while staying out of sight) despite not seeing the location in person beforehand. We were blown away by Stanley's skill to capture the magic of the moment (with perfect timing) and transform an otherwise ordinary setting into a beautiful and magical scene. Stanley and Esther are so creative in suggesting poses and shots as well as versatile in capturing different styles and moods such as scenic, romantic, documentary, comedic, or family. After our afternoon photoshoot (and an evening drive home), Stanley worked late into the night to send us a preview of our photoshoot so we could post about our engagement right away. And within 2 weeks he hosted a "reveal session" to show us the rest of our photos and the slideshow he created. We could not be happier with how our photos turned out and we believe Stanley's quality is worth all that we paid and more. We cannot wait to have him and Esther photograph our wedding too! We highly recommend booking with Stanley Wu Photography for his talent, personality, and professionalism!

- Monique O

Graduating in the midst of a global pandemic wasn't how I planned to celebrate my masters degree. I chose to contract Stanley to capture this huge accomplishment in hopes of making up for the lack of graduation ceremony. Stanley did absolutely amazing!! He truly captured beautiful pictures to express my amazing accomplishment. Not only did he make the session about me, but he also captured beautiful moments of me and my parents. As a first generation grad, my parents played a huge role in this journey. The fact that Stanley was able to capture their role in the journey is something I will forever be grateful for. He's a true superstar. Thank you Stanley for capturing these beautiful moments!

- Ivana G

When I initially reached out to Stanley for a Graduation photoshoot, I was surprised by the level of professionalism he provided. His website includes a client portal through which we were able to view schedules, meetings, appointments, and the type of shoot we had selected. The shoot was initially scheduled for April, however, the pandemic changed our plans for a scheduled shoot quite a few times. Stanley was incredibly flexible and understanding, as my sister is immunocompromised.
We selected the classic photoshoot option with both me and my sister included in the shots. Since neither I nor my sister had experience with photoshoots, we were both nervous and felt a bit awkward as we did not know how to pose. Stanley was very understanding and directed us to pose and made us feel super comfortable throughout the shoot. He was very nice and professional and provided helpful insights on which locations on campus were most scenic. Shortly after the session, we virtually met with Stanley for our reveal session where he showed us our pictures in a slideshow. His photography skills shined through in the intimate moments he was able to capture between me and my sister. I am so grateful to have these pictures as they are a gateway to amazing memories at UCLA. Overall, we had a truly wonderful experience with Stanley Wu Photography and certainly recommend it to everyone!

- Parmis S

If I could give Stanley 6 stars I would!
Not only did my photos come out INCREDIBLE, he made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera and was extremely talented at coming up with shots on the spot.

Stanley has a way of working with your style to come up with photos that are well worth the time.

I highly recommend!

- Kimmi K

My friend and I commissioned Stanley to take graduation photos for us and the result turned out to be amazing! He was very professional and provided helpful guidance during the shoot to make us look as natural as possible. He also filmed a short video for us and we loved it. Even though it was gloomy that day, Stanley was able to adjust the colors afterward and that didn't affect the quality of our photos and we are very happy about it.

- Anna Y

Stanley was so fun and easy to work with. He is very diligent in his preparation for the graduation photoshoot which I truly appreciated! He was quick and thoughtful in all questions I had along the way. He even prepared a detailed guide on tips for the photoshoot which was very helpful! Even when we had to reschedule, Stanley was very accommodating. On the day of the photoshoot, it was fun and memorable! We celebrated with confetti which made the session even more special!

I'm super happy with the pictures. I showed my friends and they were in awe of how great they turned out. :)

Definitely check out Stanley's work!

- Helen L

Stanley is not only an incredibly talented photographer but he is also a very kind and humble individual who strives to make you and anyone else in the photoshoot with you very comfortable!

The process: when I first contacted him, I noticed how polite he was and how quickly he responded! To me this was such a big deal because some businesses do not contact their clients right away.

After getting in contact with him and paying the retainer fee, he suggested to meet up and talk about my needs as a client and my expectations for the photoshoot. When we met up, he was so personable and kind! It felt as if I was meeting up with a friend; he told me about his passion for photography and his background. He answered my questions, explained his plan for the photoshoot, and asked about what I hoped for from this shoot. Although the photoshoot was contracted to begin at 6:50AM, he told me to meet him at 6:30 for warmup photos, without any extra charge!

On the day of the photoshoot, which was 6:30AM, I was running late due to a number of reasons but he was very kind about it. During it, he gave great advice about different poses and locations; he even helped me hike up a large hill to get great shots!

The shoot was contracted to end at 8:50 but it ran until 9:15, yet he didn't complain and was very enthusiastic throughout it all!

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend him as a photographer and am already considering him for another event!

- Marufa K

Best real life photographer I've ever met. So easy to talk to and listens to your idea and makes it come to life. He comes super prepared for any situation, and has more back up plans than you have (probably). He's professional and nice, and so fun to work with. He edited and sent us our photos within a week of the shoot! Great at communicating, great at life, great at photography. I highly recommend.

- Lydia P

My boyfriend and I were AMAZED at how beautiful the photos came out! We got the two-hour session with Stanley and had such a fun time shooting with him. He is down to earth and willing to listen to how you want your photos to look while still providing guidance on posing. We would recommend Stanley to anyone. He is kind, professional, and absolutely wonderful!!!!!

- Tiffany H

This was my first time getting professional photography that I felt was actually worth it. I reached out to Stanley for my graduation photos and I was really impressed by his previous photo sessions. I tend to photograph poorly but the meetings before the actual shoot helped establish a relationship that made me feel more comfortable the day of the actual shoot. His directions were really clear and the photos looked really natural and beautiful. I highly recommend him for any photo occasion!

- Jane G

Stanley was our photographer for our group photoshoot and he was flexible & very professional. His prices were reasonable & pictures were available to us a few days after. Definitely would recommend him.

- Gabrielle T

Working with Stanley was a great experience all around! He demonstrated unwavering patience and friendliness throughout the entire process even though I was admittedly pretty difficult to work with (I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!). Nonetheless, he was understanding and kind and the photos turned out more magnificent than I expected. I did a couples senior photo session and I loved Stanley's artistic input and creativeness with working with the environment even though I'm sure he's done plenty of UCLA sessions already. He really is talented because the ideas he came up with on the spot were really cool and unique. He is also considerate of what the clients want while being experienced and professional enough to guide the shoot in a timely and efficient manner. Would gladly work with Stanley again (but I'm not sure if I'll have the occasion to in the near future haha).

- Cici W

My friend and I hired Stanley for our grad photos on campus. He was really friendly and warm, and even offered to meet up beforehand to get to know us a little better. He was also very professional and clearly communicated what he offered. Communication over text, phone, and email was responsive and friendly.

We weren't very picky about where and what we wanted to shoot so he took the lead and did an excellent job that lead to beautiful pictures. He was fun to work with and made us feel comfortable. We brought traditional Korean hanbok to wear for some of the shoot and props like champagne and bubbles, which he had recommended when we asked for ideas. I loved how the pictures turned out.

He is very talented, and his photography stood out when I was looking at other options. Great value for the price. Thanks Stanley!

- Angela C

Pictures turned out perfect, better than I had even imagined. Stanley brought amazing energy o the shoot and was able to make my very nervous girlfriend feel at ease. (He's LGBT Friendly, which is great. He was super comfortable doing a couples shoot for us). He got all of our pictures back to us right when he said he would. Overall, he's a great guy who is amazing at what he does. Definitely worth every penny.

- Ava B

Stanley is professional, and kind, and will go the extra mile to ensure you get the photos you want. He made the process fun and easy! highly recommend him!

- Yasmin A

Perfect photographer.

I had Stanley Wu do an engagement session for my fiancée and me from recommendations on his grad photos at UCLA. All we gave him was a city, and he managed to pick out the perfect location. I was amazed because having lived in the area my whole life I had never discovered the spot. With low-lying cliffs over a secluded beach, and the perfect sunset, Stanley found a real gem right under our noses.

The session turned out great. We all had a good time, and it's not a quality to take for granted in a photographer that they are cool and easy to get a long with. More than just making it fun, Stanley makes you look good. I'm impressed with the way my fiancée and I looked, and that's coming from someone who does not photograph well.

Overall, Stanley Wu Photography is the way to go. Great guy, great photos, great price, and great experience. We had an amazing evening, and anyone who needs a local Los Angeles photographer needs to see this man's work.

- Ben K

I absolutely loved my graduation photos. I was looking for a photographer who would be able to capture images that captured all the emotions and feelings and Stanley far exceeded my expectations. The quality and the creativity of the poses definitely brought to life to the images and I couldn't be more happy.
Highly recommend him

- Josue A

My three friends and I hired Stanley to do our grad photo shoot. He was super professional, flexible, and willing to accommodate our needs and requests for outfit changes. In the weeks leading up to the shoot he was also readily available to provide advice for outfits and props. Even though it was cloudy on the day of the shoot, Stanley managed to work with the conditions and take beautiful, well-lit photos. Overall, Stanley is a joy to work with!

- Amanda G

First came the rumors.

"Hey, have you heard of Stanley Wu?"
"Are you going to ask Stanley Wu?"
"Have you seen his work?"
"I hear his work is featured in one of the hottest coffee shops on the west side..."

Then, came the light.

Graduation season had approached quickly and surely, and with it, the tremendous pressure of capturing my once-in-a-lifetime-unless-the-job-market-is-looking-bleak accomplishment of graduating from an institution of higher learning. Aside from capturing this timeless memory for my mom and dad, was the pressure of changing my Facebook profile picture to officially announce to the world (aka my friendslist) that I was graduating. But who to turn to? There were whispers and rumors of a man--a photographer. But not just any photographer. This was a photographer that was rumored to capture...perfection. And so, began my quest to see for myself what this guy was all about.

He was easily reached through both Facebook and his photography website (check out He responded promptly, and at once, I knew that I was dealing with no novice. He knew exactly when the sun would rise and fall and with it, our opportunity to capture its rays. He knew exactly what colors to wear for the greatest emphasis. I know realize that his suggestions were not merely suggestions, but truth--for Stanley Wu is a god amongst men. The harbinger of light and beauty. I thought that I had seen light when I took my first breath--how very wrong I was. Like Michelangelo releasing angels from stone, Stanley Wu releases light from metal. He twists each individual light ray in the palm of his hand and releases them to dance upon your very form. But Stanley Wu goes far beyond just capturing you. No, you are not the subject of the photo. Your story is the subject. He will capture your smiles, your tears, your struggles, and your victories. While many struggle in capturing the elusive "right moment," Stanley Wu does so with ease and everlasting patience. Stanley Wu is a legend in the making, and it has been an absolute blessing to work with him.

Choose Stanley Wu Photography, and, in the words borrowed by our alma mater, fiat lux--let there be light.

But on a more serious note, Stanley Wu is a great photographer to work with. Very professional, very friendly. He will talk with you and work with you to get exactly what you want. Pricing is amazing for the level of work he puts into his art. He is prompt in responding and picture delivery. Definitely recommend for feelsy events like weddings!

- Becky L

Honestly...I can't follow up Becky's review but I second everything written by her. Stanley Wu is easily the best photographer I have ever worked with and is THE person to contact for your grad photos.

After hearing so many good reviews about him through friends, I decided to reach out to Stanley for one of my graduation photoshoots. He responded very quickly and provided a lot of suggestions of photo ideas/props, colors to wear, and shoot times to have the best lighting. NGL I had a ton of ideas of my own (involved a lot of back and forth emailing of pictures and samples that I liked) and Stanley worked with me to achieve all of them during our shoot together. When he's working with you, Stanley provides just the right amount of direction so that you feel both comfortable and confident that the shot will come out just as you want (like srsly I glowed like an angel wut). This was especially great for people who aren't as comfortable posing in front of the camera/don't know what to do with their limbs/are awkward turtles in general.

With all his experience, Stanley also knows the best places for shots and throws in suggestions to make some unique, artistic shots that stand out from the crowd (think super epic sunset silhouette shots and some crazy angle work). Honestly this guy goes above and beyond to help you achieve your vision. When I wanted a super generic jumping picture, he was running out, going through different lenses, squatting/lying down on the ground to get the most best angle to make it work. That's commitment kids.

Seriously choose him and you can be fierce like Tyra.

- Mickeala T

Before photo shoot: Wow, this guy is great!
During photo shoot: Oh man, I love all these poses!
After photo shoot: Oh my gosh, this guy is the greatest!

Stanley is one very friendly, very thoughtful, and very amazing photographer. He was more than happy to meet up with me and my boyfriend before the photo shoot to discuss about concepts, ideas, and life. During the photo shoot, he took into account the concept that I wanted and made it even better than I had imagined. He really knew what we needed and should do, which was pretty helpful. His photography skills is simply amazing, not to mention those editing skills. The photos we received turned out so great and we were definitely very satisfied about every one of them. It was a fun experience having Stanley took our photos because intended candids looked exactly like natural candids; sweet shots looked as cheesy as they needed to be; and of course, deep and emotional shots were no less impressive. I would definitely recommend Stanley to anyone who is searching for college graduation photo shoots, wedding shoots, fun shoots, etc.

- Emily N

I am so impressed with Stanley's talent. He was the photographer at my son's wedding and did an awesome job. His eye for some creative pictures helped make the album really enjoyable! He didn't miss a thing. He helped make the wedding event very special for the bride and groom and the guests. He graciously personalized my order, answered my questions, and delivered from west coast to east coast on time.

- Ann H

Stanley really knows what he is doing, and man his pictures really tell stories! On top of that, his angles are quite unique and that is what makes his photography special! Tyty Stanley!

- Ty L

I did a group photoshoot with Stanley. There are many photographers out there, but Stanley immediately stood out to me because of his talent and professionalism. He answered all my questions and made the time to make sure that he understood my vision for the photoshoot. Stanely far exceeded my expectations. He was flexible, creative, collaborative, and an absolute pleasure to work with. There's nothing better than to be able to have confidence in the abilities of your photographer. He is passionate about his art and will deliver top notch work. If you want your memories captured in a SPECTACULAR way, Stanley is your guy!

- Nicole B

A friend of mine organized a group photoshoot and Stanley was our photographer. From past experiences I've come to realize how important it is for your photographer to understand what you want, even as a group and for him to be flexible with everyone's ideas.

On top of that Stanley is a really nice guy so it's a lot of fun to have your pictures taken by him. And let me tell you, they all came out so awesome! Loved it. It was so fun and the results were so much better than I had even expected and a more than reasonable price.

Thanks Stanley!

- Thomas F

I'm a wedding planner, and have had the pleasure of working with Stan for a couple of sessions. Stan is incredibly professional and detail oriented, his work is creative and stunningly beautiful. Recently Stan shot an elopement I was the officiant for, and the pictures are just perfect. It is clear that Stan has a deep understanding of photography and light, and his calm presence makes him a great choice for weddings and other stressful, high-volume events. I recommend Stan completely!

- Emily G

Both my fiance and I are new to professional photography (i.e. neither of us had ever taken professional photographs). We had also planned on taking our engagement photos while on vacation, coming all the way from NYC. Stanley was extremely helpful in suggesting locations, outfits, and everything in between, while also maintaining a high level of professionalism. I had such a pleasure working with Stanley and seeing how devoted Stanley is to his craft and knowing his clients as people.

Highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a photographer in the LA area! I hope to perhaps work with him again next time I'm in the area.

- Amy H

My fiance and I heard about Stanley through a mutual friend. Our friend told us that Stanley was an expert with natural lighting, so we scheduled a trip to Big Sur with Stanley. Stanley organized and coordinated the route with us ahead of time through calls and emails. We ran into some trouble meeting up at first, when the 2 mile road down to the beach was closed, but we found some cell signal and were able to meet up. Stanley and his assistant, Esther, found a nice wooded area off the road for us to start taking pictures. They helped arrange our poses and correct our posture. We didn't have specific things we wanted, so we all wandered around and explored the area. Stanley would find little pockets of great views and redirect us. After we finished the day trip, Stanley got back to us in a week with the selected and edited photos. We were amazed how much better we looked than we expected. Stanley was full of energy and easy to work with. I always enjoy watching people do things they are passionate about, and Stanley's photography was no exception.

- Sarah D

I couldn't be happier with the graduation photos Stanley took of me and my friends. The shoot itself was so fun and Stanley made it so easy by telling us the best ways to pose. Even though our shoot was supposed to be just an hour and a half, he even went a bit over time to take some last photos we wanted before the sunset. He was so nice about it too! He is honestly the best, and I would definitely ask him to do future photos again. REALLY REALLY REALLY RECOMMEND HIM. SO WORTH IT!!!!!

- Michelle K

Stanley recently did a graduation photo shoot with me and my roommates, and my goodness it was a great experience! He was very professional and met up with us beforehand to discuss details and make sure we were comfortable when he actually took our photos. He even made suggestions for clothing and props to bring to make sure we got the best pictures possible. The shoot itself was tons of fun. Stanley was patient with us when we couldn't stop laughing and talking, and he actually got some great shots out of it! 10/10 would recommend.

- Sam C

Stanley is an exceptionally creative, professional, and personable photographer with whom I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to work with. My twin sister and I took our graduation photos with Stanley and were incredibly impressed with the memorable experience, and the photographs which we will cherish forever. When we first contacted Stanley, he was very quick to respond and gave us all the information we needed regarding preparation, outfit suggestions, and what to expect the day of the shoot. Stanley had an incredibly friendly, kind, and patient manner that made us feel super comfortable throughout the entirety of the shoot and he (as well as his assistant) gave lots of guidance & tips with which poses and exact locations would work best. His artistic eye and keen attention to detail really shone through in the beautiful photos he captured. He was very efficient in editing, and the photos were ready in a little under two weeks after our shoot. We could not be happier with how the photographs turned out and loved every single one. The photos are beautifully varied in that some are more playful& candid and others are edgy & serious whilst all being unique and special. We could not be happier with Stanley's magnificent work and would highly recommend him!

- Claire S

Stanley was our photographer for our wedding this past June. We were super nervous because both my husband and I hate taking photos. However, Stanley was the perfect mixture of professional and friendly, and he made us comfortable enough to look and feel our best. Since weddings are such a whirlwind of events, it's so important to invest in your photos and photographer. Because of Stanley, we have an amazing collection of beautiful photos that we can look back on. What we hadn't taken into account was just how important it is to have a friendly photographer on your wedding day. Despite the many things you do on your wedding day, a great photographer is always by your side. Stanley not only ran back and forth with us to capture each and every moment of our day, but he also was such a lovely presence during the minor chaos that inevitably is part of getting married. He is a true artist and talent, and you will not find a better person or photographer to do the job. We already know that he will be our go-to guy in the future, and cannot recommend him enough.

- Marissa M

I heard about Stanley through a close friend of mine. I started doing my research and comparing him to other photographers in the area. At the time, I was looking for someone to take my graduation photos from undergrad. This was a special time for me and I wanted to commemorate that moment with high-quality photos that I would be able to look back and appreciate as well as share with my friends and family. After looking through his online gallery,, I was 90% sure I wanted to hire him. I inquired more about the process of booking with him via e-mail and he offered to talk through the process with me in person. After I met him, I was 100% sure that I was going to book him. Throughout the meeting, he showed a variety of samples of pictures he had taken in the past and I was thoroughly impressed by not only the consistent quality of the photos themselves, but also the quality of the print. I was most focused on his collection of photos of couples and I realized that he had a knack for capturing the joy and chemistry between individuals. The pricing is very reasonable for the high-quality edited photos that he offers. Fast-forward to the day of the shoot, he offered many suggestions for how to pose as well as paying attention to small details to ensure that the pictures would turn out fantastic (i.e. making sure my stole/sash was straight, which was something I didn't think even really consider). I had a really fun time shooting with him and the pictures turned out amazing. Overall, his professionalism throughout the entire process was reassuring and appreciated. Another plus is that he's an extremely kind individual! 10/10 would recommend!

- Janice L

After finding Stanley's information on Google & seeing some of his work, I immediately knew I wanted him to shoot my college graduation pictures. Stanley is very kind, responsive, and such a pleasure to work with. He walked me through the entire process and was so patient while answering all of my questions. He truly is an amazing photographer and did a wonderful job at capturing my personality and style. I had such a fun time with this shoot and I couldn't be happier with the results. I'll definitely be booking with him for any of my future photography needs! Thank you, Stanley!!

- Adrienne H

I found Stanley online to take my graduation photos and I'm so glad I found him! He sets up the whole process from booking to the photoshoot to getting your photos so smoothly and clearly. Everything is very professional with him and he prepares you with everything you need to know before the photoshoots. The actual photoshoot was great; he guides you on what to do with most of the poses if you're awkward in front of the camera like me! I just saw the final photos today and they turned out AMAZING. totally exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Stanley!

- Faith P

It was my first time to hire a photographer and Stanley did a great job. He made me relaxed during the session so that he could take my natural facial expression. I usually don't prefer to see my photo, but I like photos that he took. He made a great memory for me. I highly recommend.

- Masataka O

I strongly recommend Stanley. I needed wallet size pictures to send with the announcements of my son's graduation from USC. The quality was awesome and he was able to send them to me within 2 weeks as I requested a rush order. I am ordering more pictures, and I am having a hard time choosing! They are all good! Thank you so much Stanley, my youngest son will be graduating from USC in 2021 and I will be contacting you again :)

- Nathalie T

The best graduation pictures I could ever hope for came out of my session with Stanley at UCLA. His work ethic shows both on location and off, the hour-long session went so smoothly, and Stanley truly made it so much more fun to capture graduation. The pictures came out fantastic, definitely would recommend to any fellow graduating seniors in the LA area!

- Katrin B

Stanley did an amazing job with my graduation photos! He is polite, productive and engaging. Everything you could want in a photographer!

- Devon B

In one word, Stanley is awesome. Not only is he very professional, he is very courteous and is very passionate in his work.

My fiancé and I had an amazing time with him in our photoshoot. And the pictures turned out amazing!

I would love to work with him in the future again!

- Redwan A

Stanley took our company photos with a group of about 90 people, at an unfortunate time of day (we chose noon based on a limited schedule), and the photos turned out fantastic! The turnaround was quick and he was great to work with. I will definitely contact him for future company/event photos.

- Natalie P

Stanley was the photographer for our elopement last month and it was a fantastic experience. His imagination and grasp of how to use natural light resulted in absolutely stunning photos! Also he has a sense of humor and handled two very awkward and slightly shy people with patience and expertise. I am so pleased with how our photos turned out, and had a truly wonderful time taking them! Thank you!

- Gretchen G

I had Stanley do some commercial and print headshots for me, and I couldn't have had a better experience. You can tell from Stanley's passion and extensive knowledge about all things photography (lighting, lenses, optimal landscapes/backgrounds, poses, etc.) that you will be in very capable hands. The photos he shot and edited for me continue to land me major acting gigs. Stanley is your guy, I guarantee it!

- Gabrielle P

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