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My philosophy of photography

My philosophy of photography is rooted in the belief that great photographs and beautiful moments are often already in the making before the click of the shutter.

For the many of life’s special occasions that I help document, these instances are often the culmination of years of dedication and perseverance. They symbolize a journey marked by a steadfast commitment to personal or shared aspirations, whether it's achieving educational or career milestones or embarking on a life journey with a partner.

Throughout my photography career, my aim has always been to capture the essence of these moments, visually encapsulating the depth and significance of these cherished occasions through my capabilities as a photographer.

Classic USC Graduation Portrait at Tommy Trojan USC
Detail Shot of USC Graduation Tassel & Crimson Heels
LMU Graduation Portrait in Full Cap and Gown
Graduation Portrait Across the Lawn at LMU
Ballerina Dance Graduation Portrait at USC Bovard
Romantic Dance at Pasadena City Hall Engagement Shoot
Malibu Beachside Engagement - Blanket Prop
Graduation Portrait Sitting by Fountain at USC
Huntington Beach CSUF Graduation Portrait
CIA Greystone Night Sky Wedding Portrait

Elegant, Artistic, And Timeless Photography Approach

My photography approach centers around three key elements.


I believe that everyone has their own unique elegance and beauty within them. When I work with my clients, I focus on drawing out this natural grace. I believe it's all about showcasing individuality and personality, whether that is expressed through femininity, masculinity, extroversion, introversion, a sense of fashion, or wit.


I see photography as an art form, an opportunity to bring creative visions and ideas to life. I see every shoot as a creative opportunity to make something unique. I believe that every person I work with brings something special to the table, which I always look to incorporate into my artistic process.


A great photograph transcends the constraints of time. While I appreciate engaging with current trends, I believe that the most timeless formula to create an exceptional portrait is simple: thoughtful composition and tasteful lighting, paired with a subject who feels empowered and encouraged to simply be themselves.

My Editing Philosophy: Preserving Authentic Moments

As a photographer who helps capture life’s biggest moments, my editing process is guided by my commitment to authenticity. My philosophy centers on preserving the genuine essence of these moments, ensuring that the emotions, feelings, and atmosphere captured during your special occasions remain true.

Photography has the unique power and responsibility of visual storytelling. Each photo narrates a story, encapsulating a specific moment in time. Through my editing process, I aim to respect and honor the authenticity of these stories, ensuring that they remain a faithful representation of the moments you hold dear.

My editing style aims to enhance the visual appeal of your photographs while staying true to the emotions and atmosphere captured during the session. I tend to avoid overly stylized edits and artificial filters – instead, I aim to accentuate the natural beauty of your moments, letting their genuine colors and emotions shine through.

By prioritizing authenticity in my editing process, I aspire to deliver photographs that stand the test of time. Your memories are precious, and my goal is to immortalize them in a way that resonates with the truth and beauty of the moment in which they were captured.

My Editing Style: Vibrant, Natural, and Timeless

My editing style is a versatile blend that can be described as vibrant, natural, and timeless. I believe in crafting images that are visually striking, authentic, and can withstand the test of time.


  • Vibrant Visual Appeal: My editing style infuses images with vivid colors and a lively atmosphere, ensuring they captivate attention and convey a sense of energy.
  • Accentuated Colors and Tones: Vibrancy is achieved by tastefully managing colors and tones, adding depth and vibrancy as a powerful storytelling tool to bring the photograph to life.


  • Authenticity: My editing focuses on preserving the essence of the captured moment. I make subtle and tasteful enhancements to refine images while retaining their original intents, emotions, and atmosphere.
  • Natural Skin Tones: My editing also aims to render skin tones beautifully and faithfully – I’ve worked with many different clients with varying skin tones and have abundant experience with each.


  • Elegance and Longstanding Appeal: I strive to create photographs that maintain their elegance and remain relevant for years to come. My editing avoids trendy effects or styles that might become outdated, instead aiming to produce timeless images that evoke emotions and retain their beauty, ensuring they remain impactful and distinctive over time.

In conclusion

It's a privilege and a great honor for me to have been chosen by so many to capture the pivotal moments of their lives. I view this as a tremendous responsibility and a genuine honor. Being trusted to capture these moments, I aim to authentically and emotively showcase the unique beauty and significance of each person I photograph, ensuring that these moments are cherished and resonate deeply for many years to come.

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