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Effective as of December 20, 2023.

To Our Valued Clients and Visitors,

Welcome to Stanley Wu Photography. As a passionate professional in the field of photography, we are excited to share our collection of graduation portraits, professional headshots, wedding photography, and more. Serving the vibrant communities of Los Angeles, Orange County, and other Southern California areas, our website is a window into the beautiful moments we've captured.

Copyright Ownership and Protection

All content created by Stanley Wu Photography, whether displayed on this website or elsewhere, including but not limited to photographic images, graphics, text, and other forms of artistic expression, is the exclusive property of Stanley Wu Photography. This encompasses work showcased online and any other creative output, regardless of medium or location. These works are protected under United States copyright laws, international treaties, and specific legal provisions of California.

California-Specific Provisions

In accordance with the California Civil Code, we at Stanley Wu Photography assert our moral rights to prevent any distortion, mutilation, or other modification of our works that could harm our honor or reputation. We are committed to the integrity of our artistic expressions, as recognized under California law.

Use of Content

This website's content is meant for your personal, non-commercial enjoyment. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, transmission, modification, or publication of this content, without our express written consent, is strictly prohibited and may infringe upon our rights under Federal and California law.

Copyright Licensing and Permissions

For those interested in using our images or content for commercial, editorial, or other purposes, please contact us directly at or other methods listed on my contact page. We offer a range of licensing options and are eager to explore how our images can contribute to your projects.


When permission is granted to use our content, proper credit must include both our name "Stanley Wu Photography", and a link to our website, "", unless a different agreement is specified. This ensures that our work is appropriately recognized and accessible.

Infringement and Enforcement

We actively protect our copyright. Unauthorized use of content from this website may lead to legal action, including claims for statutory damages and attorney’s fees. We are vigilant in monitoring for infringement and are prepared to enforce our rights under the law.

Contact and Inquiries

For inquiries about copyright, licensing, or permissions, feel free to reach out to us at Our approach is collaborative, always aiming to respect the legal protections around our creative work while accommodating your needs.

See also, our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Your respect for our copyright and passion for photography is greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

Stanley Wu

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