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Night Sky Portrait Photography

Embark on an unparalleled photographic journey where your treasured moments are transformed into timeless artworks — where the ancient stars themselves paint the canvas for your memories. As a seasoned astrophotographer, I can provide an experience that transcends the conventional, capturing the ethereal beauty of your life's most cherished moments amidst the celestial wonders.

CIA Greystone Night Sky Wedding Portrait
Star Wars Themed Engagement Shoot Lunar Lightsaber Duel
Observatory Night Sky Creative Shadow Portrait
Death Valley Milky Way Night Sky Engagement Shoot
Night Sky Portrait Richard Nixon Presidential Library
Silhouette Twilight Wedding Portrait at La Venta Inn
Epic Royce Hall Night Graduation Portrait
Starry Night Sky Wedding Portrait at Joshua Tree
Unique Night Graduation Portrait of a Couple Royce Hall

The Night Sky Portrait Experience

Night Sky Photography, a distinctive niche in photography, encapsulates the art of capturing outdoor landscapes under the cloak of darkness when ambient light is scarce. Night Sky Portrait Photography presents a blend of portrait photography merged with the intricate composition and exposure techniques of landscape photography.

With an extensive background spanning years in both portrait and landscape photography, I possess the expertise to merge these disciplines seamlessly. This fusion allows me to craft a distinct style of night sky portraits, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary realities.

I regularly incorporate night sky portrait photography into my work to create a diverse set of images that fully capture the magic of the occasion, whether it's a wedding, graduation, or major event.

How To Book Your Night Sky Portrait Experience

If you are interested in reserving your own night sky portrait session, I recommend booking a two to three-hour session so we can take advantage of the time before sunset and after twilight to provide a variety of backgrounds to work with. If you've already booked a session with me and want to capture some night sky portraits, you're welcome to mention that and we can discuss it in greater detail during our consultation.

Night sky photography is available through my coverage of weddings, engagement sessions, graduation portraits, and dedicated night portrait sessions.

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